Backing Away

It is said that what annoys you most in others is often a reflection of what annoys you about yourself. The traits that annoy us most in others are probably the issues we most need to work on the most. Fuck that noise.
I hate flaky behavior.
I may exhibit that same behavior from time to time, I may cancel on an event or make an excuse as to why I cannot go here or there, but we're not talking about me here. I'm talking about other people and how their flakiness affects me.
So this week, I had a few things happen all at once.
I had a hookup early in the week, planned a day in advance, timed for 7pm to give everyone time to get home from work, shower, eat something, relax a bit, and then have some fun.
All of a sudden after a text at 5pm, he goes radio silent.
I texted him to confirm that he was, in fact, going to arrive at 7pm so as to not waste my night.
No response.
Short version: he didn't come over. He texted the next day saying he had to work a double and he was sorry but he really wants to meet some other time.
Another guy I met on Growlr, little guy into big bearish guys. But we're not hooking up, he wants to do a photo shoot and I need to shoot something for the theme of "Blue" so I ask him if he has any blue briefs or speedo or something. He does. We agree that we'll meet and do a photo shoot so he can have some sexy pics and I can have my theme of the day. And he starts getting flirty, and I'm cool with that, and we agree to meet at 2pm on Sunday.
And he does some more sexy talk and I ask a direct question about 2pm, confirming, you know?
And he takes 8 minutes to answer that he's sorry he didn't answer but he was in the shower. It took longer to text that message about being in the shower than just to say YES or NO to my question. So I repeat, are we on for 2pm. He says he's nervous. I know realize he will not be coming at 2pm. But he doesn't say it. He just avoids it. When I explain that I need to know if I should make other plans because I'm not trying to waste my day and I really need to get this theme done, he asks if we can do this at 3pm instead because his coworker just came over to his place.
I'm done.
As this is winding down, I get a text from another friend about brunch. I tell him I ate breakfast already, but I could join the two of them for a drink and a nibble. I shower. I'm asking what the restaurant is and he doesn't know the name. I get dressed. Eventually he tells me where they've chosen - I know the place - and I ask when they're meeting or if they're seated or how long the wait is… I need to know how much time I have to make it. Do I walk or Lyft?
Then he replies that they're already seated and can we maybe meet after?
I'm rushing around trying to meet you for brunch and then you uninvite me at the last minute?
What is that about?
So when I talk to him again, I'll ask a simple question: Do you want me to respond as a friend or a polite acquaintance? I can tell you that you fucking hurt my feelings and that it was a shit thing to do and don't ever do it again… or…. I can be polite, tell you it's no problem, I understand, and then remind myself to never, ever make any plans with him again.
He'll get the information if he wants it; he'll get to choose.
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