As Gay as Can Be

What a difference a year makes. Last year, despite having bought an annual pass with a friend, he went off to
Disney's Gay Days without offering me an invitation to join in.
This year, I have made new friends and had a blast at the happiest place on earth. And then after the gay bars closed, I went to Disneyland!
The weekend of gayness and debauchery all began on Friday night.
A boy I've been trying to photograph for months let me know that he would be performing a boylesque routine at the Gossip Grill on Friday night. Rick and I went out to dinner at the Grill, then made our way inside for the show.
Being in a gay bar, it of course began more than half an hour late. The drag queens did two numbers and then took a "20 minute break" which we thought meant half an hour or more…. and since Gossip Grill was a lesbian bar, we weren't that keen on staying. So I never did get to see him perform (I am not even sure he was actually there - they never mentioned a "special guest" and I didn't see him walking around backstage).
We went on to other bars for other drinks and ended the night visiting the SRO and the Caliph. We sang along until we literally closed the bar down.
Saturday morning we were off to Disneyland. Gay Days is always fun - a chance to see hundreds (thousands?) of hot guys in their obvious red shirts, just having fun. We rode some rides, we ate some food, we watched some parade (well, about 3 minutes of it before people started putting kids on their shoulders and blocking our view) and we stayed until they began to put the ropes up and force that one-way business. I just about have to leave at that point. So after a day of ogling and flirting and taking surreptitious photos of boys who had cute butts,
we left the park and went to dinner. Then off to our hotel in Long Beach.
I had booked us a room at the Queen Mary for the night, just for kicks. Sure the rooms are a bit aged, but the story of the poltergeist that will terrorize your dreams is totally worth it.
We hit the Broadway bars for a bit, observing how both the Mine Shaft and the Brit have become "cash only" bars that seem to cater to a different clientele than when I lived in Long Beach.
So we hitched a Lyft to the Silver Fox.
It was like coming home, a tiny little bitty bit.
The decor was changed, but they layout was the same. And there was a hot gogo boy dancing, and a hot shirtless drunk boy dancing, and some other cute boys wearing all their clothes dancing.
This was the right bar for the night.
And after a while of sitting at the bar drinking, John, a bartender I had known oh so many years ago, came up to me and said it was good to see me again.
I was remembered.
It was honestly a very tender moment to think that someone from Long Beach remembered me.
We talked a bit, about travel, about changes, about Long Beach.
It was nice.
Oh, I cannot tell you how such a small thing made such a nice feeling for the day.
Sunday we were up and off to the Drag Queen Brunch at Hamburger Mary's in Long Beach. It was a fun show, flowing with mimosa goodness. We flirted with a very sexy Ruben, one of the owners of the bar, and I enjoyed watching some 24yo boy celebrate his birthday by drinking way too much and being way too flirty with everyone.
And then… home again to San Diego. But not before stopping by the spa for massages to soothe our aching bodies after such a fun weekend.
This, yes, this is how a weekend road trip should be!
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