Gettin' Active

My review of Friday night: Happy Hour at Top of the Bay is a beautiful location with beautiful men and views. Of men.
And I don't lie.
It may be the prettiest place I've been since I moved down here; dingy dive-y Pecs it ain't.
But this was just the end of a really great week. There is so much more to tell.
Earlier in the week I took a drive over to Coronado Island to shoot some skyline photos of San Diego. I remember when Teresa and I used to steal Christopher Steve's convertible VW Rabbit (Teresa liked the fact that her blue-and-white striped luggage matched the blue denim ragtop on the white car) and drive for hours down to San Diego, party all night at various gay bars (whatever happened to the Loading Zone, anyway?) and then crash on the beach at Coronado to sleep it off until it was time to drive back to the OC. And now it takes me fifteen minutes to get there. I've waited in Chipotle lines longer than that.
It was worth it. I got some great shots!
Thursday was another photographic treat. I got to shoot for the night with the Circus Mafia, a fire dance troupe that traded their time for our images. I went off to a place called Fiesta Island and spent 3 hours shooting various performers doing various things with various fiery objects. And I learned that I suck at flash photography. I really need to get a quality flash unit and take a class. The night wasn't a total loss. I did luck out on a few images. But I keep thinking that if I had more experience and training with flash photography, these could have been killer cool!
And then Friday, ah, Friday. Another happy hour with my homos.
This week Brien chose Top of the Bay, the rooftop of a hotel near the water. We settled in to watch the sunset and the pretty boys mingle with Prince's complete anthology as the playlist for the evening. The bartenders served up a drink called Purple Rain (vodka, blue curaçao, grenadine, and a splash of pineapple). We closed the bar down (it's only from 5-10pm) and then shuttled back to Hillcrest for dinner at Urban Mo's for burgers and more booze.
Quite a good week. And now it's the weekend and I am looking forward to more adventures.


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