Janet! Brad! Rocky! Me... Alone.

In an effort to prove to myself that I am different, than I am evolving, I did something last night that I don't think I've done before: I went to the theater alone.
Yes, I've done it when I was out of town on business. When I was traveling alone in New York, of course I went to see a show or two on my own. It's fucking Broadway!
But I've not done it in my "home town." I've used Craigslist to find last-minute dates, I've sold pairs of tickets when I couldn't find anyone to go with, I've even just skipped shows when someone backs out or when I didn't plan ahead - just thrown away that money for fear of looking weird sitting in a show alone.
But this is the new me.
It started because my photo challenge theme was "Favorite" and I couldn't think of anything to shoot. I haven't been here in SD long enough to have a favorite anything yet. I thought about going to the beach, I thought about taking yet another photo of Witchcrafty things, but those didn't feel authentic.
Then I got an email from Goldstar giving me a $10 off karma coupon for their ticket service.
Then I got an announcement on Facebook that the Cygnet Theater was hosting their Out Night for the Gays at the Rocky Horror Show that same night.
Then I checked and noticed that $40 tickets were only $20 and the $10 coupon meant I could see a show for pennies.
And it is one of my favorite shows!
So I called and checked on the photography policy of the show, thinking I could snap a few of Frank and submit them as my challenge photo.
They have a no photography policy.
But the pre-show… aha!… there was a pre-show party, catered hors d'oeuvres, a bar, a raffle, a costume contest.
This would work.

And then… and then… I'm walking around with my camera when this very elegant woman asks if I'm the photographer for the theater. It seems she is the representative for the restaurant catering the night, and their own photographer didn't show up. Would I mind taking some photos for her, and she'll have me and a guest over to the restaurant for dinner or brunch? Would I mind? It gives me a job to do and I won't feel like a lonely loser? Of course I'll do it!
So I get access to the staff, and this waiter with ridiculously hot hot pants, and they pose, and I shoot, and the food is delicious, and the sun is setting, and people are noshing. But I kept taking more pictures of the hot waiter in the hot shorts… and then I remember the food…
And she asks what I think of the food and I tell her I haven't eaten anything because I keep taking pictures. She forces me to stop and makes me a plate of caviar in little baby potatoes (it was the first time in my life eating fishberry jam), meatloaf bites on endives, quiche, melon balls wrapped in prosciutto, tiny mango-passion fruit cake bites. So. Damned. Good.
And I gave her my card, and I thanked her as she gave me hers.
And now maybe I'm an event photographer in San Diego maybe?
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