Moved In

Well, February 3 began with me living in Hollywood, and ended with me living in San Diego.
I am not a Sandy Eggan. In training.
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I'm really pleased with Day One: the movers were great, they did everything and sipped coffee and watched as the two Russian men loaded all my belongings into the giant truck that I didn't have to drive; the freeway was bare so that I got down to SD in just a bit over two hours, and had time for lunch and a little nap before the movers arrived to unload all my belongings into the new apartment; the apartment is huge, not just because it has two bedrooms, but the rooms are each huge; the water is clean and pure, no more yellowy tapwater from the apartment pipes; the water pressure is amazing, and hot!
So much good about the move.
And I've already gone out and made a new friend. He's called Jeff, and he's one of the leader members of the San Diego Bears. So we were chatting on Facebook and I said I was hungry and he said he knew a good deli that makes a great Reuben and so we met up and had dinner and talked. It was cool. Something new, in a lot of ways - just going out there and doing something and meeting someone and stuff. On the one hand, he was safe - he's got a husband and I wasn't trying to get him into bed so the pressure was really low. That worked.
He's more of a talker than a listener, but he tells some good stories and entertained me throughout the meal.
And he was right, that was one hell of a good Reuben.
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