Running Up That Hill

Who knew that just trying one thing different - going solo to a show - could start so much change?
Yes, I dove in and went to a play by myself. And yes, I was asked to step in for a missing photographer. And they liked my work.
And I enjoyed the show.
And then that Friday night I went out with the Gay Happy Hour group and had a great time in a new bar. And then Saturday I went out to a bar that is walking distance from my apartment - WALKING. DISTANCE. - and hung out with the San Diego Bears for a social hour night. And then…
Sunday was Easter. I had no plans, I don't celebrate zombie Jesus myself, but I got a call around 10am from Feben, from Pardon My French. She felt bad for asking on such short notice, but they were doing a big Sunday brunch event and it just struck her that it would be great to get some photos of people in their Easter best celebrating and dining and enjoying the outdoor patio.
So I told her I'd be there at 11, and I hustled over to become a photographer for a day.

They gave me run of the place.
I didn't really know what I was doing. I was sort of anxious - because I am an anxious person - and I just kind of pushed past it and started talking to people, "I'm taking photos for the restaurant, would you mind doing a champagne toast for the camera?" And people did.
And then they thought it would be nice to get pictures of the menu items because all they had were appetizer pics. So I sat just off the kitchen in a makeshift setup and photographed plate after plate of brunch items: salmon benedict, quiche, mussels, bacon, whatever they had, I shot it. In horrible lighting in the back of the restaurant. I was terrified the pics would come out as crap and I would have wasted everyone's time.
I was especially worried about Philip feeling like I'd wasted his time, because he was cute and funny and did I mention cute?
So he's working, and I'm interrupting to take pictures, and food is being served, and the staff is talking to me now like I'm one of the gang…. it was… fun.
And today I got an email saying that they love the pictures, they're so happy that I could do it, and that I'm their guest at brunch this weekend - bottomless mimosas and everything.

Now I need to find a date!
But that's another hill to climb. For now, being social, being out in San Diego, enjoying my spring break has all been a great time so far.
I'm liking this new me.
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