Where do I begin this week? It's been two weeks since I wrote - I think I needed that much time to recover from that 8 hour drinking binge on Sunday Funday, which I celebrated this weekend with a 6 hour drinking binge on Friday night.
First, I think the most exciting news is that I'm a board member for a non-profit now.
I can officially sing "Ladies Who Lunch" in a non-ironic way since I am now a philanthropic spinster who sits on the board of a charity. Eat it, people who said I'd never amount to anything.
The group is called We Bears Care and it grew out of the work Pat has been doing for several years in Orlando after forming Bears in the City. His events started having fundraising connectivity, and so he got a group of us together and created a 501.c.3 to make all those donations deductible, and the events to be easier to plan… so many reasons. I love him for doing this, and for asking me to be a part of it in an official capacity. Because my post on Facebook made him aware of my charitable work, a new friend of mine has reached out to me to help plan a fundraiser for a rider of AIDS/Lifecycle. I'm drawing my my brief experience with BentCon's "Drink & Draw" event to help suggest ways to pull this off. More details coming.
Next, I'm excited that I had someone offer to buy one of my portrait photographs this week. One of the models really liked an image I captured of him, and wanted to buy an 8x10 of the photo. I've crossed over from amateur to professional now. Daddy's gettin' paid! I won't post his face here, but you can see the boots he was wearing when I took the picture if you go to my Distilled Images website; it's under the day's theme of "cool".
I celebrated the weekend this weekend, as I have been doing for all my weekends since moving to San Diego, with my Homo Happy Hour group. This week we started as a group of 15 at Gossip Grill, then we became a group of about 8 at a little taco place, then about 6 of us made it to Pecs, and finally 3 of us went to Numbers.
Because we were promised hot dancing boys. We were not disappointed by the hot gogo boys. We were disappointed that there were 6 other people in the bar. We were disappointed that it was latin night with hard electronic salsa music that none of us recognized. But we were not disappointed by the very hot dancer who stood in front of us with an unobstructed view (because, again, there were only 6 people in the bar).
On Sunday, I joined some very fun guys for a dance concert.
Stu, the coordinator for the naked draw and photography sessions, also coordinates arts outings in San Diego for people who become friends. This was one such event. It was an hour of performance by some very talented people, and more than one very cute dancer boy. And now it's Sunday evening, and I'm having some iced tea and enjoying the warm sunset and wondering how this week will be amazing.
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