And Now for Something Completely Different

Not sure what's going on.
The stars are aligned and the energy is good.
In the past 48 hours two different phenomena have manifest and they are each worth talking about.
First, I have officially entered the world of "porn photographer" after a shoot this morning with a couple who fucked 3 feet in front of me while I watched and took photos.
It was a New Year's Eve-Eve blessing.
Next… and this is the more shocking situation… while dealing with my past through transcribing my diary, more of my past has come back to me.
Four different gentlemen with whom I have flirted, dated, or slept, have all come back in the past two days to show interest and ask me out.
First, one with whom I have been flirting for over 3 years, since before I moved to San Diego, David. We went on one date that went well, but he and I never followed up with a second date. There are a lot of reasons - his busy schedule, my short temper at being flaked on… But out of nowhere he starts chatting me up, sending me butt pics, and asking me to go on a date with him after New Year's. He claims he worries he is too hairy for me, despite my having shown a LOT of interest in him over the years…
Next, someone I met online just after moving to San Diego in February 2016 but never met in person. We had made a date, he stood me up. Flaked, is the more common term, but I was definitely stood up. We had plans to go out for brunch, then it turned into "lets just hit the farmers market and grab some food walking around" and then on the morning of the event…. radio silence. Nothing. So out of nowhere he hits me up today to chat, flirt, suggest a nude photoshoot, and mansex after. This is also supposed to happen after the new year begins.
Third, a boy I hooked up with once, back in the summer of 2016. He had a partner, and I didn't want to be anyone's side piece, so we never had a second round. Every now and then he'd hit me up to let me know he was still interested, but still partnered. He emailed me on Friday night to let me know that he's been single for a few months, and would like to go on a date with me and see what we can be to each other. He's a kinky one - which brought us together in the first place - but also someone who wants a foundation relationship underneath all the wild play. I like that balance.
Finally, and this one has the longest history of all, a very hot guy about whom I have known for over 4 years - Don sort of introduced me to him at one of the leather events we were attending - came around to tell me that he's broken up with his long-term partner, he's had his rebound, and he is interested in going out with me. Talk of a photoshoot was also thrown in, but that whole want to go out with me part is the important part here. He's out of town for two weeks, but wanted to hit me up and set up some plans for when he gets back. Initiative. I like it.
So whatever energy is being circulated, I'm digging it.
As I hit the half-century mark tomorrow and turn 50, I think this Daddy Vibe is working out for me just fine!
Here's to an amazing 2018!
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