The Story So Far...

About a month ago I told the tale of how I have been terminated for next year because of budget cuts and federal government uncertainty in how public schools will be funded.
Today, I give you an update.
We had a meeting with the district superintendent and learned that because the state budget comes out on the same date as the May board meeting, there will be no discussion of rescinding RIF notices or rehiring staff at that meeting. The next meeting is in June, after the school year ends.
In short, I will need to pack up my classroom and move out on the last day of school because it is unlikely that anything will change before school lets out.
We had a hearing scheduled, but our union lawyer cancelled the hearing because, in her professional opinion, there were no claims to make that anything had been done in error.
The district has followed the right procedures and nothing untoward has been done.
So then this week.
I'm still on spring break (we have two weeks this year instead of one) and I've had a few nibbles around my resume. I had one school here in San Diego really excited about me, until they checked my salary history. Their best offer is about $25,000 a year less than I make now. We had an interview scheduled, but they canceled it when they realized what I make and what they can offer. I'm desperate, I would probably take the position, but as a person who has been "the boss" before, I know that when someone takes a huge pay cut like that, they aren't going to stick around. They know I'll jump at the first higher-paying offer that comes my way and they'll have to start their search all over again. It's a small charter school, I'd be a founding high school teacher, it might be really cool, but I can't give them my career for their low salary.
And then today.
I had a great phone interview today with a school in Los Angeles. Koreatown, actually, just a few blocks from the school I worked at most recently. It is for the department chair position at a high school with a team of 4 English teachers. Small school, small class size, salary tied to LAUSD scale. But… in LA.
The principal has worked teaching in Korea, so he loves that I've worked overseas. He loves that I've worked with the Roots & Shoots program since their school is big on service learning and giving back to the community. He is excited about what I do now with the welding cohort and project-based learning for the students in that program.
He wants me to come up for an interview next week to meet the others at the school.
I will do it, but I don't want to be back in LA.
If I had to, I think I'd actually keep my apartment here in SD (I'm on a lease and while the manager is a nice guy, he's a stickler for rules and order) and get a crash pad in Koreatown during the week. I'd save zero money, but I'd be able to come back to work in SD as soon as the whole budget thing is worked out.
Is it crazy?
Yeah, probably.
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