Summer Session

Time for an update on two main things in my life: work and play.
First, work.
I ended the year, I signed my contract renewal, I've been tentatively told I'll be teaching all 10th grade next year, so it looks like all is good. There was a moment when they were concerned about funding for the welding program, and whether they had too many English teachers for the coming year, but then the budget numbers balanced and everything is fine. That's all good news. So I'll have two main classes to prep for - college prep English and the CTE/Welding Pathway English.
I can do two preps.
In other work-related news, I got a message from a colleague at my old school. You may recall that I left there rather suddenly, and that one of the main reasons was the (in my opinion) poor leadership of the principal and the lack of support she gave the staff.
I got a message that she has quit. She is not coming back next year. She is done.
For a brief moment I felt like - "Oh no! I should have stayed! Things can get better now that she's gone!"
But then I remembered that leaving meant moving to San Diego and meeting new friends and getting a $10,000 a year raise and having a more enjoyable life overall… so that brief moment was very brief, and then I just felt glad for those staff who no longer will feel the stress and lack of leadership that I felt while working there.
I want to think that my quitting and the subsequent satisfaction surveys that the board sent out to the staff after my exit interview had something to do with the fact that there will be new leadership at that school. I take a tiny bit of credit for making that school better in that way.
Now, for my personal life.
I've been going out with some guys outside of the happy hour group. It feels like they're becoming real friends, not just happy hour drinking buddies. We've gone to dinner a few times, had some serious talks about life and politics and all kinds of shit that friends talk about.
It feels good.
I've also gone on a few dates (where the guys actually showed up, I mean). Nice guys, some of them. Boring guys, some of them. Of course the most recent date went well, despite the fact that I woke up on Saturday morning with a pimple on my upper lip. Not herpes, not a cold sore, a pimple. How gross is that? Who's going to want to kiss a guy who has a zit on his lip? Yeah, that's how the Universe creates balance: I'm going to introduce you to a cute guy who likes big daddy bears, but I'm going to give you a pimple on your lip for your first date. Good luck with that.
Well, he made sure I had his number at the end of the date, so I guess he's still interested in me asking him out again. Even though he didn't go in for the kiss at the end of brunch…
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