The End

So this is the end of summer. Today. I go back to work tomorrow for three days of teacher meetings (cue tiny violin).
It has been a great fucking summer.
I got to spend two weeks in Orlando visiting people I love, I spent 6 weeks shooting hot guys every day in their underwear and less.
I made new friends and got involved with art events and theater events around the city.
I think one of the best things to come out of this summer is that I grew.
Last summer I barely left my apartment. In fact, I think I only left my apartment to attend OA meetings about 6 days a week, and I really only did that to have some company and see other humans. Friends, I had none. Outings, I had none. Motivation, I had none.
And contrast that with this summer.
I've been out all over the place. Happy hours with new friends, shooting guys in my studio, shooting guys on location, getting random guys in bars to pose in their underwear, getting guys I see in plays to come over and pose nude covered in flower petals…. who does this?
I do.
I can do this.
When properly inspired I can do some pretty fucking amazing things.
And I need to remember that.
Just because the school year begins and my "free time" will be spent working, I can't forget that I crave to be creative. I want to be an artist of sorts.
I need to remember not to get lazy, not to become uninspired, not to get buried in the work of teaching, but to keep balance.
To meet people, to talk to them, to hear their stories, and to capture them on digital film.
I mean, I've lived in San Diego now for six months and I just learned this week that there is a beach you can go to and swim with sea lions. You are just feet away. They're there; you're there. No Sea World ticket required.
So there must be other amazing things to discover, right?
And now that my ankle is almost healed from the Black's Beach incident…
I'm messing around with website hosting right now, but if you want to make sure you keep up with my photography, follow me on Instagram: @distilledimages
I'm still keeping up with the 366 challenge, even though I got kicked out of the official game group for being too risqué. I like what I like and I shoot it well. If the uptight admins want to censor me, I'm better of just playing with myself. Ahem. Yes.
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