Two Torrid Tales

This may get a little spicy for some of you, but I have two stories to tell about two guys that I (sort of) had dates with.
They're both bad, and one of the stories involves where I put my penis, so you may want to skip this if you're not ready for that kind of information.
To begin, I had this date with a guy I met off Tinder. Yes, I'm on Tinder. I figured it was less hookup-ey than Scruff or Growlr and I really wanted to go on a date.
So I meet this guy, he's shy, he says, and he doesn't want to meet in Hillcrest, so we meet at a coffee place in Normal Heights and then go have a burger and beer.
We're chatting, but I'm anxious and he's shy and it is going slowly.
I'm thinking it's time to end the night, and I start to wind the conversation to the "Well, it's been fun but…" part, but before I do, he asks if we can go back to my place. So yeah. Of course we can. He's young, cute, great smile, great butt in his 501's, so yeah, yeah we can.
We get inside, and I go to kiss him.
He stops me.
He doesn't kiss.
What the actual what?
I should have ended the night right there. Kissing is a big turn on for me, so if he doesn't kiss, then it's a deal breaker and I immediately should….
He just dropped his pants and his ass is amazing.

So we go to my bedroom.
He proceeds to - how shall I put this? - suck the hell out of my dick. Majorly good. Professional grade.
I turn him around so I can enjoy the part I like best while he continues doing what he's doing. I slick up a finger and start to…
But no. He's not interested in that. So he moves his ass away from my face.
I lay back again, waiting for the return of his mouth.
And then I feel him. Sit down. On my dick. Bare.
So I'm shocked, right? People don't do that, do they? Without asking? Without discussing it?
Here is a guy who is shy, who doesn't kiss, but who takes bareback dick on a first date?
So I sort of jump back, as much as I can laying on my back, and move him off.
He doesn't get it. Most guys like it, he tells me.
So he gets fucked by a lot of guys this way. Great. I can feel the STDs flowing up my urethra.
And so now I have to go get tested soon because I'll be obsessing and freaking out about this until I know.
And I won't really know for months, because the incubation period and all.
I'm not against bareback sex for those who discuss it and make informed decisions, but this was like… no. NO!
But his ass really was amazing.
So hot.
Seriously hot.
I'm running out of time; the other torrid tale will have to wait.
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