Two Torrid Tales, Deux

OK, it's Saturday morning, I'm having coffee, I'm awake.
Time for the second tale.
So last week I met a guy - also on Tinder, I believe, though maybe on Surge (the new, all-gay version of Tinder). We flirted for a day or two, mutual chemistry, intelligent, good sense of humor, the whole lot.
Then one night we did something I haven't done since high school - we talked on the phone for 3 hours. I don't talk on the phone. I don't call anyone. I don't answer my phone when they call. But he said he wanted to hear my voice, I thought, "OK, 2 minute phone call then I'll be done with it."
Three hours later it was past 1am and we were still chatting. Live. In real life. Voice.
So part of that 3 hour conversation was about making a date. We had a discussion about the terms people use: hang out, chill, meet up, talk… I insisted that I wanted a date. Not a commitment, but a set place and time to see each other face to face and get to know one another.
So he worked most of Sunday, but was going to get in touch with me - text, probably - to set up a date for Monday. Remember, Monday was a holiday, so I was good with anytime on Monday.
Sunday came and went.
Monday came. Monday was starting to go. I started doing laundry. I made plans to go to the grocery store. Finally in the late afternoon, I texted him.
The exchange went like this:
Me: Hey there, I wanted to ask why I didn't hear from you Sunday to make plans for Monday? I thought that was the plan - you and I would figure out a time and place for a Monday date? Did I remember that wrong?
Him: No you didn't I just got super busy and crashed I'm sorry about that didn't mean to just flake out.
You totally meant to flake out. You can't have been too tired to send a text on Sunday saying, "I'm tired, can we do this later?"
You can't have been too exhausted to tell me in advance that something happened and the plans need changing.
You absolutely meant to flake. You established your intent when you neglected our plans and skipped our date.
So by my count, that's three men who have done this since moving to San Diego.
Three men I was actually interested in for a date - not just a hookup or "chill" session - three men who have totally flaked with lame-ass excuses like, "I was too tired to pick up my phone and inform you."
So there's torrid tale number two.

Anyone know where to hire a hustler? At least they keep their dates to make their money…
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