So this is crazy. I'm watching the finale of Rupaul's Drag Race Season 9 and I got misty eyed.
Oh, I already know who won thanks to FB spoilers starting at 5pm PDT.
But when Sasha and Shea finished their challenge and then just hugged each other, realizing that only one of them could move on and one of them was going home… I nearly cried.
You could see all season how these two loved each other.
You can see in their eyes, their faces, their body language that these are two people who care deeply about one another.
I miss that.

This Pride Flag Thing

No one reads this anymore, so it's a good place for me to put down some thoughts about this "controversy" to change the Philadelphia Pride Flag.
I am fully aware that I say these things as a CIS-male with pinkish skin tones - hey, if this is about people of color, I want to be accurate about mine.
I am also aware that just because I am not labeled as a "person of color" my opinion will be considered racist and my thoughts on the matter will be deemed void by an entire group of apologists for the new pride flag.
And that is exactly my issue with it.

The Circus

Did something I haven't done in a long, long time. Went out to an actual nightclub last night - Stripper Circus at Rich's. I forgot how much I love watching gogo boys. Damn. Gogo boys. Ahem. Yes. Well, I had fun! Read More...

The Return

I haven't posted much about this at all, but since I've gone through to the other side, I want to say that I'm grateful to have been offered my job back for next year.
I was given a RIF notice (a layoff notice for non-teacher types) in March because of an $11M budget shortfall for next year. However last night the board voted to rescind my termination and keep my contract running for another year.
I've been moody and feeling negative for about two months since I found out, and today is the first day that I feel like I know that I'm going to be ok, staying here in San Diego, and enjoying my summer with the assurance of a job and paycheck next fall.

The Story So Far...

About a month ago I told the tale of how I have been terminated for next year because of budget cuts and federal government uncertainty in how public schools will be funded.
Today, I give you an update.
We had a meeting with the district superintendent and learned that because the state budget comes out on the same date as the May board meeting, there will be no discussion of rescinding RIF notices or rehiring staff at that meeting. The next meeting is in June, after the school year ends. Read More...